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What is the Slydde Loyalty Program?

Our Loyalty Program is one way in which we strive to reward and thank loyal Slydde users for using our app, and our venue partners endeavor to thank customers for visiting their business. When using Slydde, you can earn points in several different ways and then apply them towards a bunch of awesome rewards 🙂

How do I earn rewards?

Ordering through Slydde gives you access to a slew of exclusive rewards. When you order at our partner venues, tip the awesome staff, invite your friends to use Slydde, buy featured items, and/or visit on a regular basis, to name a few, you accrue points which can be used towards the listed rewards.

Trophies (Coming Soon)

Trophies will be another way you can earn points. If you were born to Slydde, chances are high you’ll be earning some trophies… and sometimes up to 2000 bonus points. You read that right. Now start slydding!

What can I use the points for?

Points can be used to redeem different perks and rewards! Anything from free drinks and exclusive discounts, to skipping the line outside the venue and moving to the top of the queue. The Slydde Mystery Box is our personal fave, but we’ll let you decide 😉


Where can I use my points?

Any Slydde Venue!

For Venues


What is the Slydde Loyalty Program?

The Rewards feature is one way in which we enable our venue partners to thank customers for being loyal to their business.

What types of loyalty programs can we deploy?

As long as the desired campaign complies with applicable law, it’s fair game! Some popular campaigns include:

  • Spend Campaigns. Ex. Spend $50, Get $5
  • Activity-Driven Campaigns. Ex. Buy 9 Smoothies, Get 1 Free
  • Visit Campaigns. Ex. Visit 3x/1 Week, Get a Free Drink
  • First-Time Campaigns. Ex. First Time Visitors Get 50% Off Their 1st Order

Deploying a rewards campaign is one of the most compelling ways to encourage new and existing customers to choose your business over the rest of the competition and to keep them coming back for more.